Writing, This Blog, and Copyright

So, our journey begins. Technically it is July 1st, 2020 at 12:05 AM and is thunder-storming. But, I said I would write everyday, and I didn’t post something yesterday…


We’ll consider this both days!

If the cover title when you clicked on the Writing tab of my website wasn’t enough information, here is a bit of the legalities and mission of this blog.

1. What Will I Write?

I am hoping to write everyday so that I am able to improve myself as a writer. I’ll be writing anything from prompts I find, to what is on my mind. Of course, I cannot guarantee that I will write every single day, but for sure Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


2. Writing Prompts

In order to help spark ideas, I will be using prompts that I find from various websites, books, people, or my brain. Each prompt will be cited with a link to give credit where it is due. Asking if needed too. For example, going forward, I have gotten in contact with the brilliant Dr. Janet Burroway from Florida State University who published a text titled: Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft. She has given me permission to use one prompt a chapter to post and write on my blog! These prompts will come from her 10th edition of the text above. Thank you so much Dr. Burroway!!! You can check out her website here.

(Whoa, that thunder just rattled the Earth).

3. Controversial Writing

I suppose I do need to address this. I may write things that are controversial. I never, EVER mean or intend to offend; I simply am always LEARNING. There are things I do not know, there are things I do know, and there are things I think I know. I don’t think this will happen very often, but if it does, I apologize in advance if it offends you. Please, lets talk, send me an email. I’m always willing to learn and I WANT to hear your side. Everyone has and lives by a different morality. Sometimes, they don’t line up, and we get angry, and want to punch the other person in the face. I understand. But like I will teach to my (future) English kids, we ALL need to learn how to have peaceful discourse (coined by Pastor Bobby at St. Paul Lutheran). We need to discuss differing/opposing views, opinions, and ideologies with sensitivity, LOVE, and peacefully. I know it’s hard to do that, but let’s chat. 🙂

4. The Goal

So, what’s the point? Well, for one, to help me become a better writer. Two, I want to inspire others to write. Whether they write from the prompt, or they are inspired from what I write, that’s what I want to happen. This is a place for you to grow. For me to grow. In fact, I encourage you to write along with me! Comment on the blog with continuations of what I write, or post your own response. Let it be a community!

And that’s that! I can’t wait to see where this leads us! (I left the copyright, boring stuff below so that you didn’t have to read all of it if you’re just here for a casual read).

5. Copyright

Yuck, Copyright. I saved this for last for a reason. The legalities. I’ll outline it below.

A. Statement of General Principles

  • This section below details and outlines the general rules and regulations that pertain to the copyright of the website blog: “www.magicmayheim.com”, owned by the copyright owner: Brandon Heim. In accordance to the statements below, anyone seeking to use any of the content on this website must follow the rules below:

B. Section I

  • A. This section will outline what is being copyrighted, and who the copyright owner is.
    • I. The copyright is owned by: Brandon Heim
    • II. The copyright is covering and protecting the website: “www.magicmayheim.com”.
    • III. The website is owned by: Brandon Heim

C. Section II

  • A. This section will outline how a consumer would wish to use, license, or borrow any of the works displayed on the website: “www.magicmayheim.com” owned by the copyright owner: Brandon Heim.
    • I. If the consumer wishes to use, license, or borrow any of the works displayed on the website: “www.magicmayheim.com” owned by the copyright owner: Brandon Heim, they must:
      • a. Contact the owner of the website, “www.magicmayheim.com”.
      • b. Ask for permission to use or borrow something that is on “www.magicmayheim.com”
      • c. In the event the consumer wishes to license, the consumer must follow steps “a.” and “b.”, then also be in compliance to the fees that go along with licensing, and any other types of copyright that are not specific to this website.
  • B. In order to maintain and uphold the above statements, (as well as make this document seem longer), below will be a list of things that I like to do:
    • I. Magic Tricks
    • II. Photography
    • III. Video Production
    • IV. Animation
    • V. Swing Dance Tutorials
    • VI. Writing

D. Section III

  • A. This section will outline the penalties of law if any of the above sections are, but not limited to: violated, used without permission, or plagiarized.
    • I. There is not authority on Earth that is greater than God.
    • II. I am unable to fully enforce you to not post my work elsewhere.
    • III. I am asking you humbly, and as a lover of Jesus to choose the greater good, the better decision, and not plagiarize.
  • B. The owner of the website has full faith in the authority of God, so there is no worldly copyright placed on this website.
    • I. But the real penalty under law is the law of which God has instated.
      • a. God knows your heart.
      • b. God knows everything you do.
        • > Even if you do your best to do it in the darkness, God knows.
      • c. God is the ultimate just judge, and will be the one you’ll have to face when Jesus returns.
      • d. Plagiarism is dishonest because it advances a falsehood/lying, passing off as one’s own the work of another. It is an act of self-seeking and stealing. The Bible talks a lot about these:
      • e. So, I beg and encourage you with these verses below:

E. Conclusion

  • A. In accordance to the sections above, the consumer understands the owner of the website, the terms of the copyright, and the penalties if refusing to adhere to the copyright.

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