July 6th, 2020 Freewrite

I wrote something that was simply in my heart. I wanted to write something that could be analyzed and had obvious allusions. So, here is your prompt from the mind of Brandon Heim:

Write a poem, or flash fiction describing something in your heart. Search your heart for something you wouldn’t normally tell anyone, and manifest it into words, a person, a situation, event, etc. This thing in your heart could be a feeling, a bit of confusion, something you’re wrestling with, or even something that your heart has been telling you to do for a long time.

A Declaration of Death by Brandon Heim

Lord help me quit.

Quit letting the river

of the world carry me

through this existence.

Instead, letting the river

of life that submerged

me in the name of the

Trinity carry me.

Woe though, to this fleshy

heart that enjoys the

pleasures of worldly rivers

that satisfy the tongue.

I drink from it and find

I’m thirsty again.

And I drown trying to

drink the entire river.

I stumble, but only

because I know You.

And when I drink from

You, I suffer, but live.

The world doesn’t agree

with you, and like you said:

“If they hated me,

They’ll hate you too.”

My submergence was

A declaration of death.

Death to my old self,

And to the world.

For that is how the

Romans knew you were

Christian, by the washing

of the river of Life.

So, why do I always forget?

And let what this world

thinks get to me? Why

do I fear drowning?

Help me Lord, to welcome

death and suffering. Drain

the ocean of my worldly flesh,

and keep my eyes on eternity.

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