July 10, 2020 Writing Prompt

Sorry about missing Wednesday. I just started Livestreaming myself drawing a picture for my Fiancé and I’s one year. It is a picture for her based on our inside jokes and things that stuck out in our relationship! (You can see me on Twitch here).

This day’s prompt comes from my Creative Writing: Non-Fiction class:

Write a scene (dialogue and action between two or more characters in a specific place and time) placing two characters in this very fundamental conflict: One wants something that the other does not want to give. That something can be anything  money, respect, jewelry, sex, information, a match – but be sure to focus on the one desire. use summary, if you like, but purposefully and sparingly.

“Give it back!”

     “Give what back?” the tall and austere zit-faced brother replies mockingly.

     Here I am, again, in the living room undesirably playing monkey-in-the-middle with two dinguses just because I’m small. Jack is always ruining my important inventions. Especially dangerous ones like the Starchinatorior. It makes your clothes feel and become exactly like how you purchase them from the store. It is useful when I wear my dress shirts and need to wash them. Limp collars are gross.

     “You don’t understand what you’re mindlessly tossing around!” I plea.

     “What, your dorkinator device?” He laughs then tosses it overhead to Jacob.

     “Jacob,” I start, “You know what you’re dealing with. You’ve been to my lab and seen all that device can do! You are going to harm someone!”

     Jacob pauses for a moment. He looks into my eyes and sees my frustration and fear. I see his answer form in his eyes as he looks back up to Jack.

     “Yeah right, like a 8-year-old can make this stupid toy.” Jacob says with a fooling smile.

     I become infuriated. No one, calls me younger than I really am.

     “I’m 9-years-old and you know that! Now quite carelessly throwing around my Starchinatorior! You both don’t understand, if you accidentally blast something that’s bigger than a dress shirt, you’ll cause a cataclysmic electromagnetically-charged explosion!” I stammer.

     The Starchinatorior flies over my head again as I fail to reach it from my tiny jump.

     “hI, I’M fLaNDeR,” Jack stereotypically imitates, “i BUiLt, a SEkReT lAB IN my CloSET. AnD THIS DeViCe wIlL DeStRoY tHe WoRlD iF I dWaP iT.”

     I’ve had it. I’m not going to let the town of Danford crumble because two bone-head homunculi don’t know when their lives are in danger. I charge at Jack headbutting him straight in the thigh.

     “SHIT!!!!” Jack bellows falling to the grown, trying to put pressure on the newly gifted Charlie horse.

     The device flies up in the air and magically lands in Jacobs hands. I turn as it landed in his hands and his eyes looked down then meet mine. Nothing but terror and fear sprouts in his soul as he knows the destruction of my metal-casted forehead. I implanted it when I found Jack’s weakness was Charlie horses. I charge and he runs as fast as he can.

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