Writing Prompt: July 13, 2020

I felt pretty poetic again. Something about my faith and walking in it has led me to feel things that I want to try and express. Today’s prompt is:

“How much fun is it to be blunt and direct? Not very. Write something and “Beat around the bush”, be as indirect about something as possible. Really try to use detail, tone, and symbolism to be as vague as possible. This can be done easily by making sure what you’re writing about could mean multiple things. For example, in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, whenever there is sucking of blood, it could be inferred as sexual intercourse, a transaction, or simply blood being sucked from someone.

The Gift of Idols by Brandon Heim

The Lord gave me you.

Therefore, you are a gift.

A Gift created in an image.

The image of God

But who do I then worship?

You who have been given to me?

Or the one who gave you to me?

For it is easier to do the latter.

You with the glimmering eyes

and a deathly smile.

One whom I can touch, see, and smell.

You, who satisfies my flesh.

You, who were once my gift

became something more. Something

worse. Something that leads to death.

An Idol.

Our castles collide, and our love stumbles.

We wonder why we continue to stab

each other with arrows of blame.

You, an unbeknown victim of my heart

I had placed expectations on that God

did not intend for you to fill. We cope, and

watch our sandcastles crumble by the sea.

I watch my idol shake and tremble.

The Lord gave me you.

Therefore, you are a gift.

I repent and stab and break the idol,

Worshipping now, the Giver of you.

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