Writing Prompt: July 15th, 2020

Today is a pretty special writing prompt. Yesterday marked one full orbit around the sun for me and my fiancé. As I do with any occasion, I wrote her a poem, drew her a photo, and got her a gift. I usually stuck to a rigid, rhythmic sonnet structure, but this time I wrote free verse, and really went outside what I normally did. Which leads me to the prompt I came up with for you guys:

“Write a love poem or paragraph to your spouse, girlfriend, fiancé, or if you don’t have someone, a poem to a fictional person, whether it be from your favorite book, tv show, etc. Be blunt in this one. Most poems use very pretty language, but sometimes, it is nice to just write how you feel. If you are unable to write without metaphors and allusions, write it! Just write it to someone, even if they don’t exist. (Or something you can give to the right one 😉 )

One Year Later… by Brandon Heim


This is so hard

to begin. So, uhm…

Thank you for coming

back. It’s been a

year, and there has

been some changes.

The setting is similar!

Outside on campus,

on a bench, and still

gross French Dip subs.

But, I’m quitting the

rigid poetry format

I did for six months.

So, you’re getting free verse.

No more generics.

Full on emotion, straight

from the heart. Candid,

plain, blunt.

Day 1.

We set the bench

on campus MSUM.

We didn’t eat, we

stared. Into each

other’s eyes. Yours

glistening diamonds.

Mine half shut

because I’m Asian.

We take a few bites

then stare again. I

pop the statement:

“You look like you

want to kiss me.” You

fail to resist smiling,

then shrug. I say:

“I guess there’s only

one way to find out.”

We lean in and close

our eyes…

Day 365.

I reopen mine and

see the same diamond

eyes, and my heart

soars the same as

it did our first kiss.

I’m falling. Still falling.

I never stopped.

And now, I never will.

Because thanks be to

Jesus our Lord and Savior

for making sure there

is no ground for me

to splat onto.

In my year of falling,

I learned so many things.

But that would extend

this poem tenfolds.

So, here’s what’s

important to you:

Winter, I love you.

Jesus is proud of

us, simply because

we’re marrying for Him,

not us. Marrying you is

just a benefit of marrying.

But damn, is it the

second greatest thing

I could ever,

have asked for. ❤

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