Writing Prompt: July 17th, 2020

Hey there writers! I hope you are all doing well and are staying safe with everything that is going on in the world today. Here is your prompt from my haphazard brain:

Using your cellular device, make sure you have autocomplete/correct turned on. In a note app, start by typing the word He, She, or They; then, type some type of action verb. Then, press the middle word in your autocomplete/correct box just above your keyboard, and keep pressing it until you form a somewhat coherent sentence. Try not to modify it, and keep going until you have a sentence. Use this sentence as the beginning sentence, and try to write two paragraphs from it! (If needed, you can add punctuation to try and make it more coherent. JUST NOT A PERIOD! We want this to be your starting sentence.)

He tried calling him back to the basement to get it to her last time: to get a new one of my friends and family. But, Jack didn’t listen. Jack wasn’t going to “fall” for it again. He knows, maybe the last experiment did not exactly go according to plan, but he knows there is a way to create a new family. To create a better life for them. Why doesn’t Jack understand that? Their family doesn’t even know he exists. They tried killing him, which is why he hid in the basement. His family thought he ran into the forest just behind their house and was eaten by wolves.

How could Jack, his only brother, abandon him like this? Dread overcomes him. “What if Jack doesn’t come back?” He thought. “Where will I get my food? If I go out, my family will see me and realize all these years, I was still alive. They may try to kill me!” He didn’t know what to do. He called again…

No answer.

The science works. He knows it works because he was able to recreate another Mary, his sister. But, the only problem was, Mary wasn’t Mary. It looked more like half-Mary, half-orangutan. That was a slight misnomer in the math. He corrected it, he can recreate a non-violent Mary! A non-violent Mom and Dad. A family, he and Jack could call family. Then, he can move onto his friends that bullied him and hunted him down with his family. He can create a perfect life, but he needs Jack to do it. “Please Jack…” He whispers, “Come back…”

There was no answer.

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