Writing Prompt: July 24th, 2020

Good afternoon. It’s a 90 degree day with humidity making itself known it’s there and you know what that means? Poetry. Well. Not really. That honestly doesn’t make any sense… But I needed to segue somehow…. I’m kind of lame

This week’s poetry prompt comes from a poem I wrote a long time ago wishing to let my worldly body give up and put full submission to God. Here you go:

Write a few stanzas/full poem about a struggle. Whether it is something you have dealt with personally, or one you observed someone else go through. Really dig deep into the emotions that come into play and really strive to make the reader feel it. You can do this by personifying the struggle, speaking to it, or even just using cryptic language.

Reset by Brandon Heim

I did not grow with you.

We only met a couple

years ago. Where you

rose me from the ashes.

My mind before you came

was nothing but a caveman

trying to satisfy his Id

with pleasures of the Flesh.

I knew every worldly

debate against you.

I know how to satisfy

the world with it’s disbelief.

But you, I will never

know all of you. My

mind lusts to decipher

the Truths I don’t understand.

My soul yearns to blindly

let you maintain authority.

But my heart rebels with

human authenticity.

It is a never-ending war

of helping believe my unbelief.

The battle overtakes me, and

sends me to the pits of Sheol.

Lord, I beg, wipe my mind

clean! For it would be easier

to follow you if I never

did not grow up with you.

I would not be young

when I am old. And

my heart may harden

from knowing every detail of

the back of my hand…

But at least I would know

and name all the physical

and visible details of my

hand. Because then, I could

easily try to soften the

heart with what’s beneath

the surface.

Oh! How much easier it would

be to believe. If

I never grew up

with the world.

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