Writing Prompt: July 27th, 2020

Honestly, 2020 is starting to look like a bunch of pages out of the book of Revelation. It’s really raining on my parade and, like the author of the prompt says: “The weather outside is gray, so let’s bring some color into the world with a writing prompt.”

“Write a scene that makes mention of a color. For example, a character with purple hair or person who sees the world through rose-colored glasses.” – Writer’s Digest, Cassandra Lipp, https://www.writersdigest.com/prompts/in-living-color

It’s gray. Everything. The Christmas lights, the multi-colored lava lamp, the posters, my paintings. It is all due to the apocalypse in my brain. Explosions, grenades, nukes. All exploding my failures, embarrassments, and foretelling’s of my future. Gray. Numb. My heartbeat slowing down, trying to give up but autonomy won’t let it. I curl in tighter trying to dissolve into the black bed. Maybe I’ll become it. People can rest on me, cry on me, and even die on me. I can at least be good for something then. The numbness grays out the darkened room. Lit up by the grayscale Christmas lights.

Then, the door opens, and the deepest red heart enters the room. They extend their pale arms. I attempt to reach out, only to absorb their color, graying them out, and filling me with the ROYGBIV’s of the world. I look down at their motionless, gray heart. Blue tears roll down my face. It’s now my turn to color the world.

Comment your response below!!!

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