Writing Prompt: July 29th, 2020

I love learning. I am always learning too. Whether it be from religion, magic, or what I do at work. I’m never going to stop learning! Just recently, I am incredibly proud of what I animated AND the video I shot. Below is a bit of footage from a short film I shot a year ago and never touched until now! I animated everything from scratch and I’m so excited about it! (It’s a gif because I don’t have a premium plan on WordPress. I apologize for the quality. You can see an actual video of it here.)

This inspiration is what your writing prompt is today:

Write a scene, poem or short story where a character learns or does something that ignites a burning passion within them. Describe what that feeling feels like for the character. Then, (If you’re feeling really creative) create an inciting incident that would jumpstart the story/scene/poem into the narrative.

(I could only think of poetry for this one)

Wander by Brandon Heim

I am but a lost spirit.

Hopelessly wandering

through the land of the


My heart trembling

from it’s infinite

mass, weighing me


Each step is another

inch dug into the

ground; digging my


But your Word found

me, and lifted up

infinity, giving me


No longer am I

forced to choose

walking without


Instead, now, I can

run, lift up dead,

and wander with


Join the writing prompt below by commenting your free-write!

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