Writing Prompt: August 3rd, 2020

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how to feel right now. It is like a battle between my spiritual self and my worldly/fleshy self and it’s tearing my brain apart. I’m trying to understand why I can’t just stop sinning but I already know the reason why. My pride is wanting to be perfect for Jesus but with God’s amazing drama, it will never be possible until Jesus comes back. It kind of paralyzes me and hurts my brain. It is so overwhelming that I forgot I had a prompt to write from… Haha! Well, here you go!

Try and explain an unexplainable feeling or a feeling that does not have a definition. Give a character this feeling and let their voice and thoughts guide the best possible explanation of the feeling.

Life hurts. I look at those who have suffered more than me and have it worse than me and it does nothing but send another dagger through my flesh. I’m a teenager that can’t see past the age of twenty, but I know I’ll be okay. My whole life has been relentless battles with these dualities, dichotomies, and paradoxes. How can I know everything will be alright but also feel the weight of the world on my chest? Why can’t I just stop feeling this pain and move on with my life!?

My mind breaks and I pause for a moment. I grasp my forehead and squeeze, hoping to find some way to get a grip on my mind. But the more I squeeze, the more it hurts, just like every poisoned arrow killing me and I am immediately resurrected; but the poison lingers, and slowly kills me again. I don’t want to die, but man, would it be so much easier if I did.

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