Simply Striving to Enter Through the Narrow Door

Hi! I’m Brandon Heim. I seem to be a person of many talents that’s just trying to figure out how to use it all to reflect God’s glory and his Kingdom.

What Do I Do?

Magic (Performance)

Film Production

Writing and Education

Theology and Philosophy

Animation (Small)


Swing Dance

Musical Theatre

Argumentation and Debate

Looking For a Resume?

Request One Here!

I do Musical Theatre! Here are some photos!

Photo Cred (In Order): Carol Vetter 2017, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee; Perry Rust 2019, Jesus Christ: Superstar; Carol Vetter 2016, Anything Goes; Barry Jaked 2018, Jesus Christ: Superstar; 2019, Mamma Mia!; Jenna Croyman 2017, Sister Act; Carol Vetter 2017

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